Just select your favorite movie scene. Act on your selected script. You will get feedback on your performance. That’s all!

A monthly subscription would be $XX. Meanwhile, you can opt for an annual subscription at a discounted price.

Of course! Our A.I. powered software will be able to guide you by providing feedback and grades so you can improve on your acting skill.

Sharing videos and grades can help you build your self-confidence through much-needed, constructive feedback. So definitely.

Expensive acting classes. Energy draining auditions. Judgment and vicious criticism. All those are not available on Upmethod.

Constantly being judged and undermining their self-confidence. Being rejected on auditions can create a negative experience that drives many aspiring actors to quit.

I had really an awful experience of attending some acting classes in New York City. They were not entertaining at all. Above all, the whole process of learning acting was more expensive than my expectations. For all the money spent, I only received poor quality instruction, just paid for their status and name in society. That was the time when I decided to establish a platform where every person can enjoy a judgment-free and pleasant learning experience. So, that’s how Upmethod was created with a desire to test one’s acting capability in a fun and creative way.

Yes, the devil is in the details and A.I. can process every detail to help you improve your performance and general ability.

A famous quote by Zig Ziglar: “You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” 

Revolutionize it. Improve actors and acting in unthinkable ways.

It will provide tips and tricks on how to improve your performance as well as grade your performance to better understand what you are doing right and what needs improvement. Sharing your videos with friends and family will help you to showcase your new, enhanced acting ability.

Through Upmethod we hope to create a community of aspiring actors that work hard to improve their performance and feel good about it in the process. Making acting lessons more accessible and helping actors achieve their dreams!